We love the jewelry we sell you, and we want it to look beautiful forever. Use these tarnish-free tips to keep your jewelry looking like you just bought it!

  • Wear it often. Regular wear is the best way to prevent tarnish from forming. 
  • Last on, first off. Your silver jewelry should be the last thing you put on, after you've applied any cosmetics (including hairspray, lotion, or perfume). Take your jewelry off (and store it) before you apply makeup remover, or other cleansers, at the end of the day.
  • Remove it. Do not wear jewelry in shower, swimming pool and hot tub. 
  • Watch out acid. Keep your silver away from food or drinks with acid as much as possible, it's very bad for your jewelry.
  • Dry carefully. Use a soft, clean, nub-free cotton cloth before you put it away. This removes not just moisture but also body oils that may tarnish the silver over time. Never use paper towels or tissues to clean your jewelry; they may contain wood fibers that can scratch silver.
  • Store it dry. If you don't have anti-tarnish cloth, simple store individual pieces of jewelry in sealed ziploc bags in a cool, dry area.

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